Coffee; It’s what we were born for!
Customer Service? Coffee? Both? Well, whatever the mixture, it’s clearly what I was born to do.

I’ve always been a people person, and I’ve literally worked in a coffee shop Since High school. NOW- coffee shops were different back then, there weren’t all the fancy Frappe’s and Blended Drinks and all the Jazz that there is now. Anyhow, in 95’ I started working at my first Coffee Shop in Bend. It was a new shop, and there were no other coffee shops then, Imagine that..Bend without coffee shops!!! That is where I learned the REAL stuff about coffee Grinding, Tamping, steaming milk, Mocha’s, Latte’s, Perfect Shots...etc. After that I went away to college and when I came home I Helped some friends open up their own shop...

Years went by, I had kids...My Parents Moved Back home to Redmond and my mom wanted to Open a Coffee shop! So that’s just what we did! I trained her, she worked all day every day while my kids were little...14 years we are! My Mom is Retiring and I’m taking over! I’m sad and Excited all at the same time....Weird to think that My daughter is basically taking over my spot and I’m taking over my Moms spot....

I Love people, I love Coffee, I LOVE creating new drinks and making people happy. I love listening to peoples stories and being involved in their lives. Redmond is perfect for that because it’s still small enough to know People wherever you go! We look forward to Many Many more years of making your Drinks ;)

Our Motto is Fast, Friendly and Consistent and we really strive for that every single time!
Please feel free to contact us!