Working directly with our Customers, every minute  of every day, thru all of this pandemic, we have seen the amount of Fear, Panic, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, depression, and A LOT OF HATE that has been a direct impact on us as humans. Over the last year we have seen really high highs and really low lows from our customers (and our town) We are sick of it! We came up with an idea about how we can help to change this by spreading love and kindness! And the Redmond Kindness Project was born!  We hope to inspire everyone else to show kindness and love to their Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers AND STRANGERS! It's amazing what little act of kindness will do for someone not having such a good day!

Would you like to participate? Let us know! 

If you have an idea that you think we should do for our Redmond Kindness project, please fill out the info in the next box and let us know your idea!! We like ALL ideas from Tiny ways to make someones day better, to specific people that need some Love and Kindness to BIG PROJECTS!!

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Thank you SO much for your Idea! If we have any questions or need your help we will contact you! THANK YOU for your kindness.


Jenny and all the Staff at Full Throttle Java!

Curious to know what we have planned, Here it is!